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Online hearing of the grievances of persons with disabilities (Divyangjan) during Covid-19

  • Since June 2020, all hearings are being conducted online.
  • Upto January 2022, 2191 cases were disposed off by the O/o CCPD.

Formulation of Equal Opportunity Policy

  • As per Section 21 (1) Every establishment shall notify “Equal Opportunity Policy” detailing measures proposed to be taken in pursuance of the provisions of the RPwD Act, 2016.
  • Equal Opportunity Policy from 107 organizations have been received.   A committee of experts is being proposed for scrutiny of these policies. 

Consultation on Accessibility Standards u/s 40 of the RPwD Act, 2016

  • Section 40 (Accessibility) of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 provides that the Central Government shall, in consultation with the Chief Commissioner, formulate rules for persons with disabilities laying down the standards of accessibility for the physical environment, transportation, information and communications.
  • Harmonized Guidelines on Accessibility prepared by 15 Ministries/Departments/Organizations have been received in the O/o CCPD for consultation.
  • Out of 15, consultations on 11 have been completed. Remaining 04 from are under examination by the experts.